Blackrock Silver Corp. Discovers Bonanza Grades in New Vein at Silver Cloud
Blackrock Silver

The results of Blackrock Silver Corp’s (TSXV: BRC) (OTC: BKRRF) (FSE: AHZ0) diamond exploration drilling program at the Silver Cloud project near the Midas and Hollister mines in north-central Nevada are announced. The project is along the prolific Northern Nevada Rift. Blackrock Silver announced that it had made a significant gold discovery in Nevada. The discovery, called Zeus, is reported to have produced the highest-grade gold intercept in the company’s history. Andrew Pollard, Blackrock Silver’s President and CEO, attributes the success of the discovery to the company’s expertise in understanding the area’s geology, particularly the rich ore deposits along the Northern Nevada Rift. Pollard also notes that the discovery has potential for further growth and is a testament to the skill of the company’s geological team.

In its Silver Cloud project, Blackrock Silver has completed three diamond core holes, SBC22-019, -020, AND -021, with a total length of 1,447 meters. Two of the holes, measuring 927 meters, were drilled near the Silver Cloud mine, while the third hole, measuring 520 meters, was drilled in Northwest Canyon. At Northwest Canyon, SBC22-020 yielded bonanza grades, producing 52.62 g/t of gold and 606 g/t of silver in a 1.5-meter interval, which marked a discovery of a high-grade vein. The high-grade section is connected to a quartz vein containing black sulfides from 307.5 to 309.1 meters in the drill hole. This result is the most impressive silver drill intercept found on the Silver Cloud property thus far.

The drilling of SBC22-020 reached 464 meters, and it was planned to explore the NNW structure, which was identified in 2019. The start point of the drill hole is 366 meters away from the last drill hole, with the assay intercepts being 425 meters apart. At Silver Cloud mine, drill holes SBC22-019 and SBC22-021 were used to examine a structural zone covering 170 meters. Hole SBC22-019 revealed a section of pyrite-cemented breccia from 357 to 360 meters down. The mineralization was present but not above the 0.3 g/t gold limit.

Three additional zones of gold mineralization were discovered between 219 and 267 meters, featuring gold values from 0.377 g/t to 0.578 g/t. These intervals have been sent for metallic-screen analysis. Further work is being considered for Northwest Canyon due to the new finding since the area has limited drilling and indicates a significant vein-hosted deposit akin to Midas. Further investigation is necessary at the Silver Cloud mine to comprehend the broad zones of alteration that contain lower-grade gold deposits.

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