BHP, I-Pulse and I-ROX Enter Collaboration to Make Use of I-Pulse Technology

I-Pulse Inc. and I-ROX SAS are delighted to collaborate with BHP Group Ltd. (NYSE: BHP), a leading global mining company, to explore the usage of pulsed-power technology in the mining industry. Mike Henry, the CEO of BHP, highlighted, “This joint venture with I-Pulse and I-ROX has the potential not only to upgrade the competitiveness of our current operations but also to open new growth prospects currently unavailable. We are enthusiastic about teaming up with I-Pulse and I-ROX and bringing our expertise to the partnership to create these solutions.” 

I-Pulse and BEV-E have established I-ROX to explore the potential of pulsed-power technology to quickly and efficiently shatter rocks and mineral ores, reducing the time, energy usage, and GHG emissions associated with critical mining activities. BHP has entered into a collaboration agreement with I-ROX and made an equity investment. BHP will be offered direct access to this potentially disruptive technology to develop the technology and business further. This collaboration has the potential to transform multiple aspects of mining and reduce GHG emissions associated with rock crushing. 

BHP has invested in and collaborated with I-Pulse to identify new applications of pulsed-power technology in the mining industry. Ivanhoe Electric Inc. utilizes this technology in mineral exploration with the Typhoon™ system. There are further opportunities to develop and commercialize pulsed-power-based applications such as drilling, tunnel boring, blasting, and explosives replacement. By collaborating with I-Pulse and I-ROX, BHP hopes to transform different aspects of mining with the potential for economic and environmental benefits. These benefits include reducing GHG emissions associated with rock crushing.

Robert Friedland, chairman of I-Pulse, stated that I-Pulse technologies offer the potential to transform many aspects of life, including significant energy savings in mining and manufacturing and opportunities concerning geothermal energy. The Typhoon™ system can be used to locate ore bodies and groundwater. With BHP’s investment and collaboration, I-Pulse technologies have the potential to be developed and commercialized to reduce energy consumption, environmental impact, and costs associated with crushing and grinding rocks in the mining industry.

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